Feb. 16th, 2009


Feb. 16th, 2009 05:20 pm
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The last day of AWP was exhausting but good. Sales were lower than Friday, but still decent.

Of course, Tachyon had already sold through most of their stock, so they didn't have as much left available; this also happened for some of the backlist titles I'd brought by A Midsummer Night's Press authors, especially some of my own other books people had been interested in.

We did sell out of BEST GAY POETRY 2008, which was nice, and people seem to be very pleased with the anthology.

Made a lot of good contacts for the next volumes of both BEST GAY POETRY and BEST LESBIAN POETRY.

Met lots of nice and interesting people in general, which is always, for me, the highlight of these type of fairs, and got to catch up with a few friends I haven't seen in ages (although, alas, I managed not to find, or vice versa, some others I'd been hoping to see, oh well).

I am not sure I'll be able to make next year, which is in Colorado--an expensive schlepp from Madrid. But the three after that are all in reachable destinations, where I know people with whom I can crash (always helps when it comes to promoting poetry without losing one's shirt in the process!).

Flying back to New York yesterday took longer than expected due to the plane being delayed by snow and then we took longer to get clearance to take off due to same. But I ran into two friends, and we managed to sit together, so that made the trip go smoothly.

Some things I got in Chicago include a few issues of POCKET MYTHS (http://pocketmyths.blogspot.com/), Randall Mann's new book BREAKFAST WITH THOM GUNN, James Cilhar's first poetry collection UNDOING, a bunch of old mysteries I bought at a second-hand shop near Achy, etc. Haven't finished unpacking yet, so offhand am forgetting what else I picked up. Which will just mean more pleasant surprises in store for me. :-)

Today's plans, though, are all discombobulated by it being President's Day so most things I needed to do are closed. So am in that pre-return-trip panic of trying to get everything done in an even shorter amount of time left. But am taking deep breaths and tackling as much as I can as I can...

And the truth is, I'm drained from the conference and the getting-home (travel these days is even more exhausting than ever), so having a low key day is actually not such a Bad Thing.
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There was a review of Brane Moztic's BANALITIES in Bookslut last month which I only just learned about, which ends:

It is the compilation of phrases and thoughts, sentences and ideals -- shared from beyond the physical confines of body, politics, war, religion, and love -- that makes Brane Mozetič’s Banalities such a worthwhile conversation. For the casual reader or the adept, the blood-stained pages of this collection may initially mask the artistry in the wounds that rest on scar-smoothed skin, yet unmerciful revelation is at hand. The “emptiness of those conversations” that we waste our time attempting to fill with hopefulness and healing, therefore, would be better served willingly succumbing to the pain Mozetič inflicts “at the turn of a page.”

The full review is:


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