Jan. 10th, 2009


Jan. 10th, 2009 03:08 am
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Today I found out that the editor I generally work with at my major client is leaving next week to go work at a museum as a curator. sounds like a great opportunity for her, but I'm feeling abandoned in the midst of a crazy moment in the project and needing to get to know a new person, and their quirks, and vice versa, etc.

I don't think I'll be orphaned (that is, I think the new woman I'm dealing with--actually, the boss of my contact--still plans on using me) but we don't have any rapport established yet, it's like starting from scratch (even as I'm drowning in a sea of documents which were only turned in to them so late and which I need to translate ASAP since the deadline to go to the printer is fixed, even though the authors have turned in their articles so late).

I was sent yet another article today, and managed to translate a draft of the entire thing today (just under 4000 words). WHEW!

So I guess all that snow today which kept me from setting foot outside all day was good for SOMEthing... :-)

I still have half of yesterday's article to translate, and also half of an earlier article (which is, alas, very long and also full of legislation that I need to not re-translate but go to the appropriate intergovernmental website and find the correct document and find the referenced article and blah blah).

And then the part I enjoy least, which is editing the darned things: looking up all the terms I skipped, continuity, etc. I've found that the editing still takes me as much time whether I have to look things up or not, and while I'm doing the first drafts it's better for me not to lose momentum looking up things (especially things that I know what they mean but am not sure of the right way to express them in English--sometimes what I'm looking up is not a Spanish->English definition but a synonym) and to try and get as much raw wordage translated while I can.

Now I think I need to stretch and disconnect a little, maybe finish reading the YA novel I started yesterday (which turns out to be very mormon, but in a very low key way; and no, it's not Stephanie Meyer!) and go to bed. More work tomorrow. (Freelancers don't get no weekends, except for all those times we have no work whatsoever and all week is a "weekend". Things could be worse, so I ain't complaining!)


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