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I'd spent the early part of the week with too much socializing or meetings, so last night I just hit bottom and put on my pjs, made a pot of tea, and curled up with S J. Rozan's THE SHANGHAI MOON, which I'd been saving for just such a moment. and it's just lovely! I've only managed 90 pages but lots of twists. And best of all, Lydia Chin is back. It's been too long since the last chin/Smith book.

Last night I was torn between wanting to put it down so it would last longer and reading right through it in a single sitting.

Today, alas, I didn't get to grapple with this dilemma, since while I was at lunch with some friends, I got a call with a ridiculous rush translation assignment. Ridiculous because it was over 5000 words and they wanted it by tomorrow. clients never have any understanding of what's feasible or reasonable.

But I must be as foolish as they are, since I agreed to do it, at my rush translation rate, and have just emailed a draft of the finished translation to the client, so they could look it over and we'll discuss tomorrow morning.

So today was a lot of typing, since on the metro to my friend Sofia's house I also wrote 400+ words on a new short story I started a few days ago. (I had brought my laptop with me, thinking we might have a work session after lunch, although with the new rush translation I came right home to get to work.)

I can't just go right to bed, as fuzzy as my head is after so much translating, so am in my cool-down period.

I've been meaning to post about going to see SLUMDOG MILLIONAIRE, but I think that typing more (such as LJ posts) is not quite what I need just now. (Aside form the fact that coherence and I are not on speaking terms just now.) So perhaps more on this tomorrow, once I've slept.

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Yes, new Chin out. I even got to hear her read from it when I was back in NY in February on my hay to or from AWP Conference in Chicago. Sounds like just what you need right now to stay in one place and not move... All about the Jewish ghetto in Shanghai; so Lydia and fascinating Jewish history. What more could one ask for?

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Shira's awesome, isn't she?


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