Mar. 30th, 2009

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I've had an exhausting weekend, with a rush translation gig, and on top of that I helped out at the bookstore on Saturday and Sunday since I'd agreed months ago to cover a shift while the owner was in Barcelona to give a talk.

So, now that it's Monday I can relax a bit.

Not because I don't have many things to do and many things that are overdue, but because the immediate crises are for the moment over.

The rush translation gigs are grueling, but worthwhile since I charge a higher rush rate which makes losing the time and sleep worthwhile.

Besides, it's hard as a freelancer to turn gigs down, especially in today's uncertain economic climate.

(And these days I'm paying the rent with the translation, so it makes sense for me to delay other projects in order to bring in positive cash flow whenever I can. Not about what projects are nearer and dearer to my heart, just accounting.)

Some reviews:

The first SECOND PERSON QUEER review, from Amos Lassen at EUREKA PRIDE.

Evidently the book is also back early from the printers, so Arsenal Pulp is moving forward the ship date a month. It's such a pleasant surprise to have a book come out EARLY instead of late! (As many of my projects seem to be lately, often through my own fault or responsibility.)

In A Midsummer Night's Press news, Charles Tan reviews Rachel Pollack's FORTUNE'S LOVER: A BOOK OF TAROT POEMS.


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