Mar. 18th, 2009

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Just back from the hospital. I was supposed to have a cyst removed; it's become inflamed twice in the past few months and my primary care physician sent me to have it excised (while also giving me antibiotics).

But since my appointment today was six weeks after the end of the antibiotics, the doctor decided not to do it; no, I need to wait until it gets infected again and THEN come back.


Been busy these past few days with the social whirl of visiting writers, so have hardly been home and have huge backlog of unanswered or unread emails.

Colombian writer Jaime Manrique was in town so had a chance to catch up with him, since we've not seen one another in close to ten years.

Then two poets from Malaga, Maria Eloy-Garcia and Carmen López, were in Madrid for a reading and overnight trip, so there was a fun group of people who all got together to meet up with them while they were in town.

One thing that's been so lovely about having published DESAYUNO EN LA CAMA is that I'm suddenly discovering and meeting people from and being welcomed into this great network of Spanish poets. It's much more of a community than what happens for/with many other genres, at least here, and as that is something I'd been missing these past years, I am very much enjoying becoming part of it.


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