Mar. 10th, 2009

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I had one of those days that're full of meetings, so while it feels like it's been "unproductive" in that I've had no time to produce anything (creative or translation, or even reading submissions) it's actually been a productive day, since these meetings are part of making projects happen and all.

I did do one quickie translation this morning, but they're still missing one text for the most recent gig, so that's lingering...

I finally heard from the client with the big unpaid invoice and learned what I needed to do to get paid, which involved a little bit of busy work getting my bank account verified (as simple as bringing my passbook and a photocopy and my ID card and a photocopy to an hacienda office where they looked at the originals and stapled the photocopies together with a cover form I filled out and that's that). But hopefully from now on this will all be smoother.

I met with one of my kidzbook publishers, who I hadn't actually seen in YEARS, to talk about an upcoming picture book (and things in general). The woman who's illustrating the book just won a prize from the Bologna Book Fair, which is exciting news. (Mine will be her second book.)

Also met with the editor for whom I recently translated a Spanish fantasy novel into English, to go over the translation. Mostly little nit picks. And a few extra things, like we agreed to remove some anachronisms, like kilometers and technicolor, which were in the Spanish original.

Yesterday afternoon I had a pleasant meeting over drinks with Chilean writer Pablo Simonetti, who's passing through Spain en route to Italy for the launch of the Italian translation of one of his novels.

Tomorrow I've promised to go with a friend to a reading in the afternoon, but hopefully will have plenty of at home time to atch up on work, email, etc.

I'd try and do something now but my brain is mush. So I think to bed for me soon, early though it is.


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