Feb. 27th, 2009

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O frabjous day (and night)! I finally finished revising the novel I translated into English last month. I schlepped the darn thing across the Atlantic and half-way across the US, hoping to have time to work on it. But not only did I not have time, the fact of the matter is that while I enjoy translating I loathe revising, so even if I'd had the time I would've likely not gotten to it. Although I always feel obligated to haul such things with me, with the hope that having it at hand I MIGHT actually work on it, etc.

I find it so hard to buckle down and concentrate. Like pulling teeth. Which is why it' snow after 4am when I've finally finished, and have just emailed it off to the editor so he'll have it in his email inbox when he gets to the office tomorrow. Right on time.

Once I finally logged out of facebook and gmail, to remove my compulsive distractions, I managed to get through the second half of the book in an hour and a half.

Of course, with any translation, the latter sections are often smoother than the beginning ones, because you've already figured out how to resolve things, and you've hit your stride and a voice and etc. so the work does go quicker after a certain point.

Now to send off a few more work-related emails and maybe an invoice or two, and then to bed, to sleep the contented sleep of having turned the darned thing in on time.
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My one contribution to the recent Great Doom Cultural Appropriation Doom Of Doom Miasma Doom in SF circles is this link to "How to Write About Africa" by Binyavanga Wainaina from GRANTA.


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