Feb. 19th, 2009

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I've not quite had a chance to collapse yet, since I had to go retrieve a certified letter from the post office, bring it to the accountant/lawyers who're dealing with the paperwork for me, and also have a doctor's visit this afternoon, but it's just so COMFORTING and comfortable to be home again.

The flight in was bumpy but uneventful; it had started to snow mid-day, but this turned to sleet and rain by the time I was ready to take off. I had good train karma and managed to catch the subway to Penn Station in time to make an earlier train to Newark than I expected. Luckily, I'd brought two paperbacks with me (one of Gore Vidal's formerly pseudonymous mysteries and a Janet Evanovich romance), although they were both fairly short so I wound up reading them both before finishing the flight. Since I was in a two-seat section by myself, I curled up and slept some.

Madrid was balmy compared to NYC (maybe 60ยบ F when I got in to the center of town) and sunny and lovely. This is one of the things I love about Madrid; even when it's cold it's often sunny and light-filled. (When I lived in NY, I'd get so depressed during the overcast, weather-laden winters; I'd almost never manage to write anything in February, not that I've written much this February, but that's mostly because I've been on the road too much.)

The doc put me on antibiotics again (for recurring sebaceous cyst) and I set up an appointment to have it excised next month.

I don't have enough coherence to work right now, and the jet-lag is going to catch up to me any moment now. But luckily I have a little bit of down time before the next crises raise their heads.

I've only been twice now, but I very much enjoy going to AWP (and I can't even do the panels thing because of running the A Midsummer Night's Press table in the bookfair solo) although I don't think I'm going to be able to make it next year in Denver. The three after are all geographically easier for me to work (both flights, and having locals with whom to crash, which makes a difference). I also think a lot of people are not going to have funding for next year, so it may be a good conference to skip if one has to skip one. But we'll see.

Right now my next trips are probably BookExpo/Lambda Literary Awards in NYC in May (although I've been going back to the US so much these days... Exhausting!) and Minneapolis in October for Gaylaxicon, where I'm one of the Guests of Honor. I'm skipping the Bologna Children's Book Fair this spring, but I will definitely be doing the Frankfurt Book Fair once again (my 16th consecutive Fair, I believe).

I'm looking forward to staying home for a while, though.


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