Feb. 14th, 2009

AWP Day 2

Feb. 14th, 2009 04:57 am
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Today was even better than yesterday,double the sales for both A Midsummer Night's Press and for Tachyon (who're sharing the table, but I'm running it solo) which was great, although exhausting. Sold out of a few things, including BEST GAY POETRY (although I'd left a few copies here which I'll bring in tomorrow). Tachyon sold through on a lot of their anthologies. It's such a nice feeling.

And it's also always so impossible to predict what will or will not catch people's interest. It's never what one expects.

Also great catching up with friends, and meeting lots of new people, or meeting in person people I only new online, which was very cool. Hi, Everyone! :-)

I did go to a reading tonight, the Palabra Pura event at the Chicago Jazz Club, which was nice, although I was too exhausted to really appreciate it much. My friend Achy Obejas (in whose home I'm staying) was reading, so I went in part because I don't have wheels/keys and until she was done I didn't have a way of getting home... :-) She had another event tonight, but am just too exhausted. And need to be back at the bookfair at the crack of dawn once again tomorrow... And it's open to the public tomorrow so there will no doubt be even more traffic (and hopefully sales!) :-)


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