Feb. 12th, 2009

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Bookfair setup
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Today was registration and set up for the AWP bookfair. A Midsummer Night's Press has a table, which we're sharing this year with Tachyon Press.

As usual, I've brought backlist titles from other publishers by many of our authors (including my own, which is what I have most of). Tomorrow will bring a few more titles, since couldn't schlepp everything all at once.

Today was a cold and wet day. I should've appreciated yesterday's balmy, sunny weather more while I had the chance.

Quite vexing that my cell phone doens't get coverage down in the bookfair area. Sigh.

I am happily excited for the conference to start tomorrow. I won't be able to attend any programming, since I'll be manning the booth the whole time, but I do love meeting with other publishers and writers and readers.

And there is a lovely sense of community among many of the independent literary presses.

It's nice to be a part of it.

I'm also excited to debut our new titles, especially BEST GAY POETRY and Rachel Pollack's brand-new FORTUNE'S LOVER, as well as our recent book BANALITIES by Brane Mozetic, which is our first translation, and which I hope generates interest from people...


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