Feb. 1st, 2009

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February already! Eep! I'm in my pre-trip panic state already, even though I'm not leaving until Tuesday. But there is so much I should get done between now and then that I'm not able to do any of it, if that makes any sense.

Deep breaths aside, must buckle down and focus and tackle a gazillion things.


My mood was not helped by waking up to huge fat snowflakes flurrying down from the skies. This is a ridiculous amount of snow for Madrid. (And I hope we have clear skies on Tuesday, when I fly to NYC...)

Speaking of which, I'll be in NYC for a week or so, en route to Chicago for the Associated Writing Program Conference.

Not sure what my schedule is going to be like, in terms of social free-time, though I am once again trying not to overschedule myself.

Not sure if anyone who reads my blog will be at AWP, but A Midsummer Night's Press will have a table, so I'll be fairly easy to find since that's where I'll be almost always.

Stop by and say hi!

I will have copies of the new FORTUNE'S LOVER: A BOOK OF TAROT POEMS by Rachel Pollack available; the new printer is supposed to deliver them to me tomorrow. I got the unbound-but-printed covers and interiors last week, so I know they're almost ready... And people who are not going to AWP but who are interested in the book can order it from www.amidsummernightspress.com

If you are interested in one of my other titles--especially the Spanish language children's books which are harder to come by in the US--drop me an email and I can schlepp some with me and mail them once I hit NYC...


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