Jan. 28th, 2009

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Aside from the too-early call to inform me that I was off a translation project, Monday also brought the unpleasant news from the printer I'd been using for A Midsummer Night's Press that they wouldn't have the books in time for my trip to the US next week, en route to AWP in Chicago.

So I've been scrambling to find a new printer, which I seem to have done.

But it's been an anxious past few days while dealing with this.

The good news is that it looks like I will indeed have copies of FORTUNE'S LOVER: A BOOK OF TAROT POEMS by Rachel Pollack, the second title in our Fabula Rasa imprint.

The book officially has a May pub date, but copies will be available direct from us (www.amidsummernightspress.com) before then. Free shipping within the US.

With luck, I'll also have the reprint of Achy Obejas' THIS IS WHAT HAPPENED IN OUR OTHER LIFE at the same time, which is good since we're very low on stock and she has a major new novel, RUINS, forthcoming from Akashic next month and will be touring extensively...


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