Jan. 27th, 2009

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There's a lovely review of BEST GAY POETRY 2008 by Amos Lassen in EUREKA PRIDE.

A snippet:

However, being a long time fan of Lawrence Schimel I felt fairly safe when I picked up his edited anthology of best gay poetry. He provides the reader with an easy way to keep up with what is going on in the field of gay poetry and I was able to enjoy almost every selection in the volume. There is diversity in the poems chosen in subject matter as well as in style and form and the variety of gay subjects presented is amazing. There are also both new and established poets among the 50 poems and what I really enjoyed was reading poetry by some of my favorite prose writers like Brad Gooch and Jeff Mann.

What I also find important here is that many stop reading poetry when they no longer have to---as in having finished college survey courses or English majors who do not work in the field. Here is a way to approach poetry for pure pleasure and to enjoy simply for the sake of enjoyment. I was thinking as I sat down to write this review that if I were to list all of my favorites, I would use all of the space for my review. So I say to you to pick up a copy and find your favorites.


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