Jan. 16th, 2009

At last!

Jan. 16th, 2009 03:38 am
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I may be speaking too soon, but I have at last caught up to all the translating for the current Big Project, which is supposed to go off to the printers on Friday (ie tomorrow, or later today given how late it is now).

I just emailed off the 9,000 word piece that I've been repeatedly prevented from getting to by all these extra bits and squibs that they kept sending me. Yesterday, for instance, I had to translate the 1100 word editorial that they hadn't sent me until that morning. Today I wound up translating nearly 2000 words in extra bits they sent me this morning, before I could turn my attention to the aforementioned 9,000 word behemoth.

But it is at last finally translated and cursorily proofed. (I did warn them that doing this insane amount of translation words per day I could either do the wordage or make sure it was good but not both--even if I wasn't on the road promoting two new books, to top it all off.)

I've barely had a chance to see Barcelona since I've been here.

I did sneak away from the translating twice yesterday, to give an interview to a nice journalist from TIME OUT BARCELONA and also to attend a book presentation for LA VIDA QUE SOÑAMOS by Raul Portero at Librería Complices.

Today I snuck away twice, too: once to meet with one of my kidzbook publishers, to sign a contract (Yay! at last! this is a project that's been in the works since 2006) and then to meet a friend for dinner. I'd already done over 3000 words today and needed a break to clear my head.

Tomorrow will hopefully involve more exploring, shopping, socializing, etc. out and about in Barcelona. (It's been lovely weather, what I've seen from inside.)

And tomorrow night the Barcelona book launch for DESAYUNO EN LA CAMA! :-)


Jan. 16th, 2009 01:10 pm
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Yay, when I awoke I had confirmation that the project is finished. (Well, there's a half-page letter that will come in Monday, but that's almost meta-project, not the project itself.)

So today I am just a poet, for my book launch tonight, and not a translator.


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