Jan. 6th, 2009

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So it's snowing right now, which seems weird whenever I glance toward the balcony.

Glad I decided not to do laundry this morning; I thought it looked like rain (despite the erroneous online weather forecast saying clear skies). Must be even colder outside than it looks. BRRR.

Today is a national holiday in (still-Christian-though-making-great-strides-toward-becoming-a-lay-state) Spain (Día de los Reyes Magos), when gifts are traditionally given, rather than on Christmas itself (which is historically more appropriate, since today--Epiphany/twelfth night--is when the Magi would've actually arrived with their gifts and etc.).

I'm having a quiet day at home, in my flannel pjs, with a full teapot (a smoky black tea that Small Beers Press gave away at BEA to promote Laurie Marks' WATER LOGIC) by my side, and while I'd rather be reading a novel (I'm reading and enjoying Martin Wilson's debut novel, WHAT THEY ALWAYS TELL US), I'm translating (or trying to focus on doing so).

I think that last sentence with its circumlocutions and three parenthetical digressions is indicative of my distracted or distractible state of mind...

One of those days when the journey is uphill, through the snow (literally!), both ways. :-)


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