Jan. 2nd, 2009

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How very sad! Donald Westlake passed away yesterday.


I have enjoyed so many of his books, under his own name and under his pseudonyms.

There is at least one finished novel that's forthcoming (GET REAL).

But as a reader am very sad that his comic genius is no more.

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Well, I've already read one novel in 2009...

In 2008, I seem to have read 98 books, although I'm not sure my records are entirely accurate.

I definitely read less this year than in previous years. And my reading was very variable, as can be seen below.

I also have a bunch of books I started but then put aside, especially the past two months; I may get back to them, at some point, or not...

The by-month breakdown looks like this:

Jan 22
Feb 7
Mar 4
Apr 14
May 4
Jun 7
Jul 5
Aug 7
Sep 18
Oct 11
Nov 1
Dec 5

In terms of the most-read authors:

Lawrence Block: 7
Donald Westlake (under various names): 4
Kelly Armstrong: 4
Andrew Taylor: 4
Ruth Rendell: 4
Karen Traviss: 3
Janet Evanovich: 3
May Sarton: 3
Gerald Durrel: 3
Sharon Shinn: 3
Sarah Dunant: 3
John Scalzi: 3

I thought I had read more Robert Barnard novels this year, but I only have one written down.

Then again, I only have one Elizabeth Moon listed, and I know I read two, one en route to Frankfurt (which I left behind) and the next in the series the day I got back.

And I didn't count, for instance, the book that I TRANSLATED into English, which I read a few times...

So just over 100 books read in 08. Less than usual for me (142 in 07; 125 in 06; 189 in 05) but not a bad year.


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