Jan. 1st, 2009

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New Year's Eve 2009
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A friend of mine is back in the US visiting family, so I'm taking care of her cats for her. I rang in the new year quietly at her apartment, reading a Diana Wynne Jones novel and with purring feline accompaniment.

Nice way to start the year.
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So, I decided to experiment with my new microwave tonight. I'd made pumpkin-carrot-ginger soup the other day, and froze a couple tupperwares worth (taking advantage of the freezer at the apartment of the friend whose cats I'm taking care of while she's away). So I came home with a frozen brick of soup and tried to defrost it in the microwave.

No luck on the defrosting setting. :-(

So I tried nuking it on the regular heating setting. But: No luck on the regular microwave setting either, neither on the one bar nor the two bar strength. :-( and :-((

So I lit the gas stove, lowered the flame as much as possible, tipped the brick of soup out of the tupperware and into a pot, and VOILA! yummy soup in just a few minutes. :-)

Methinks the microwave is not long for this household.


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